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Face for Radio

Hi! I’m Kelly. I edit Podcasts so you don’t have to.
In 48 hours, I’ll turn around a clean, professional sounding mp3 for your podcast.

You’re in the podcasting business because you’re a thought leader, or deeply knowledgeable hobbyist.
Not because you’re an expert in editing audio!

When you hire Face4Radio, you get to focus on what you love: creating download-worthy content.

Just leave the editing details to me.

What You get

What exactly do you get when you hire Face4Radio?

Basic cleaning:

removing or minimizing unwanted pauses, background noise, etc.

Audio-production enhancements:

vocal balancing and compression, noise reduction, hiss/hum removal, and equalization

Intro, outro, commercials, and bumpers:

where you want them, when you want them.

File delivery your way:

upload to Libsyn or direct to you.

The Result?

High quality MP3

A high-quality MP3 that meets the -16 LUFS industry standard for podcasting

Delighted listeners

Your audience will love the "new you"

Get the techy details here

Who doesn’t cringe a little at the sound of their own voice?

If you don’t cringe, you get a big high-five from me. (But I still think you should let me edit your podcasts for you).

Your ears won’t lie. Check out some “before” and “after” samples and cringe no more.

Check Samples

mp3 for your podcast

Give me your umms, ahhs, long pauses and popping p’s. Give me your bloopers and your outtakes. Give me your worst tongue twister fumbles. I dare you to!

In 48 hours, I’ll turn around a clean, professional sounding mp3 for your podcast.* (If I anticipate a longer turnaround time due to quality issues, I will let you know ASAP.)

No fuss, no muss. Just you, me, and our faces for radio.


“One size fits all” might work for leggings, but not for podcasts. With all the different packages I offer, you’re sure to find the right fit.